The Super Rev Story

January 4, 2018 11:19 AM

Five years ago, we joined up with our friends at Naked Body Guitars to create a one-of-a-kind instrument – a Reverend Warhawk II HB loaded with a single Railhammer Chisel pickup, which was very new at the time.  Naked Body Guitars painted it candy apple red with a white racing stripe like a 1967 Mustang with the original PPG paint used on the car.  The guitar toured the country at a variety of Mustang events that year, along with a 1967 Mustang Fastback called The Mystical Build.  The guitar and car were raffled off at Shelbyfest to raise money for The American Cancer Society.  It was a good thing that we did, and people were excited about it.

But Joe Naylor and Ken Haas never quite got over that guitar. 

This year, Naylor came to us and said that he had a design ready for a car-inspired guitar.  “The Super Rev!” He called it.  “It’s like a Super Bee!” we all said.  “It’s like the Mustang Warhawk but in 60s colors!” said Ken, in awe.  He was in love at first sight.

 The Super Rev, as many of you know by now, is a set-neck guitar with a single Railhammer Alnico Grande pickup, and black racing stripe down the center.  It comes in bright Lime, Yellow, or Orange; has the “Super Rev” badge on the front; and the racing flags on the back.  For people who are into guitars and cars – like Ken and Naylor and Zack Green and most people here – this guitar is a collector. 

It’s not our traditional LE – we won’t be offering it for a set amount of time, or for a specific number.  Our LE for this year was our 20th Anniversary Double Agent.  It doesn’t have that designation.  Technically, it’s an SE, for Special Edition.  We’ve purposely left it open-ended to follow the demand on this one.  As long as people want the guitar, we’ll keep making it.  But it’s too special to be put into the general production.