The Definitive Guide to Reverend Guitar Pickups

November 29, 2018 11:28 AM

Pickups are one of the essential elements of guitar design.  Our pickups are specifically designed for Reverend Guitars. All Reverend pickups are based on vintage designs but upgraded for the 21stcentury. We start with Alnico V magnets to give us that vintage quality: scooped mids, a tighter low-end, and defined by bright and glassy tones.


The9A5 is our version of the P90 pickups.  The bridge position pickup is slightly hotter and thicker than a vintage P90, while the neck is somewhat cleaner.  The middle position 9A5 is reverse wound/reverse polarity (RWRP) for hum canceling when it’s used with any neck or bridge pickup. These pickups can be found on the Jetstream 390, Double Agent W, Double Agent OG, Charger 290, Club King 290, Sensei 290, Airwave-12, Warhawk 390, Sensei Jr, Matt West Signature, Unknown Hinson Signature, Stu D Baker Signature, Pete Anderson Signature PA-1, Ron Asheton Signature, Jenn Wasner Signature,


Inspired by the vintage PAF humbucker, our HA5 pickups are warm with an open tone and excellent clarity. The bridge is wound a bit hotter than you would expect for more drive and punch. The neck, on the other hand, is slightly underwound for relaxed midtones. Can be found on Double Agent W, Double Agent OG, Charger HB, Jetstream HB, Sensei HB, Manta Ray HB, Volcano HB, Gil Parris Signature, and the Pete Anderson Signature PA-HB.


Both positions of this pickup are slightly hotter than a vintage ‘Tron for extra punch and sustain. You can find these on the Flatroc, Buckshot, Club King RT, Tricky Gomez, Warhawk RT, and the Pete Anderson Signature PA-RT


Our S-style pickups that we use in the middle and neck positions only.  They have a traditional tone, with a bit more warmth. The middle pickup is RWRP for hum canceling when paired with any neck or bridge pickup. These pickups are loaded into the Six Gun TL, the Pete Anderson Signature Eastsider S, the Pete Anderson Signature Eastsider Baritone, and the Gil Parris Signature.


If you’re looking for Early 50s tone, these fit the bill. The bridge pickup has a thicker twang that doesn’t get harsh. It can be found on all the Pete Anderson Signature Eastsiders, the Buckshot, and the Six Gun TL. The neck pickup has more punch and clarity than traditional T-style pickups. It’s RWRP for hum canceling when used with a bridge pickup.  Look for this pickup on the Pete Anderson Eastsider T.

Greasy T

For an even hotter and warmer sounding T-style pickup, check out the Greasy T. This pickup has more bite and more percussive tone than the Talnico. The only ceramic Reverend pickup in the current lineup, the Greasy T is only available in the Buckshot.


Rails under the wound strings and poles under the plain strings gives you tighter lows and fatter highs for perfect tonal balance. We use Railhammers in the Billy Corgan Signatures, the Bob Balch Signature, all the Reeves Gabrels Signatures, the Kyle Shutt Signature, the Shade Balderose Signature, the Tommy Koffin Signature, the Todd Evans Signature, The Airsonic, the Kingbolt, the Descents, the Sensei RA, the Bayonet, and the Volcano RA. For more information about Railhammers, please visit

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