Silver Sparkle PA-1 10th Anniversary

June 25, 2018 11:03 AM

At NAMM in January, Reverend Guitars released the 10th Anniversary edition of the Reverend Pete Anderson Signature PA-1.  This month, the company kicked it up a notch and released the guitar in Silver Metal Flake. 

Ten years ago, Pete Anderson approached Reverend Guitars with an idea for a guitar that had strong initial attack and sustain while retaining traditional hollow-body character.  He was, in part, charmed by the fact that the original Reverend Headquarters was around the corner from his childhood home in Eastpointe, MI.  He was, in part, going on Joe Naylor’s reputation for working with artists to help them achieve their sound.  After some prototypes and lots of discussions, the Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 was created, featuring the Uni-Brace system: a full-depth Korina brace that connects the top and back of the guitar.  It reduces uncontrollable feedback and improves sustain and clarity while maintaining full hollow body tone.  Pete continues to play that original Signature guitar at all his shows today.