Limited Run Pete Anderson Eastsider Ts

October 24, 2018 3:58 PM

You may have noticed that we’ve been issuing a series of limited run colors with the Reverend Pete Anderson Signature Eastsider. The latest is the Faded Burst, which Reverend CEO Ken Haas is fascinated with. “I love the way they burst matches the fretboard. It looks like they were finished together – but they weren’t.”

The other limited run colors have included satin burnt brick, satin transparent white, and satin chronic blue. The colors all look like they’re vintage, but they’re totally modern. Perfect for the player that has one foot in the past and one foot in the future.

The Reverend Pete Anderson T looks standard at first glance, but it is factory hot-rodded and stage ready right out of the box. We worked with Pete Anderson to modernize his beloved vintage T while keeping faithful to the original character.  The modifications include chambered body, stainless steel saddles, compound radius fretboard (10″ to 14″), "R" embossed knobs, and a push-pull phase switch (in the tone control) for even more unique pickup combinations.

Pete Anderson is a Grammy Winning guitarist and producer.  The story goes that Pete Anderson and Dwight Yoakam tried to bring their roots-based country music to Nashville in the mid-80s, and Nashville (at the time) wasn’t interested. So, they went to California and became a smash hit. Today, Pete expertly produces and works with a whole host of artists, all while performing regularly for his own solo records and collecting awards.