January 18, 2019 9:47 AM

The secret to memorable tone is a bit of unconventionality. Reverend Guitars has released three basses designed to wake up any bass player’s tone.

The Reverend Triad is all about versatility.  The three band-new Jazz Bomb are hum-free with increased output. The steel rails create a rich, focused tone that cuts through the mix. Combine them with the 5-way switch, and experiment with all kinds of sounds for any tone alchemist. The Reverend Triad comes in metallic alpine or burnt brick with funky black block inlays on the roasted maple fretboard. The purple burst version has Pearloid block inlays on the Pau Ferro fretboard.

The Reverend Raymond is a slap machine. The open, wide tone from the Thick Brick bridge pickup combines with the focused tone from the Jazz Bomb neck pickup to make an ideal percussive bass with loads of dimension. In Venetian Gold, Chronic Blue, or Midnight Black, it looks as stylish as it sounds.

The updated Reverend Decision now has a P-Blade at the bridge and a Jazz Bomb at the neck. The pickups combine for extended highs and lows with incredible punch and sustain --a truly modern classic tone. In Burnt Brick, Chronic Blue, and Oceanside Green, this new classic will fit into any situation.

On all Reverend Basses, there is a Boneite nut, 5-piece neck, and Hipshot Ultralight Tuners.  Reverend’s lock-down bridge and six-bolt neck plate add to the sustain. You can’t be different if you’re playing what everyone else is. Visit www.reverendguitars.comto start your journey towards being an individual.