ABM Les Trem Option (LES)

Precision made German trem unit replaces stop tailpiece, and bridge is replaced with precision roller bridge. This option is available installed on any Reverend guitar.

The ultimate vintage style trem, with excellent tuning stability, cool look, and exceptionally smooth and easy action. Arm is adjustable for length, angle and swing tension.

Please note: original tailpiece and bridge is included with guitar, and can be remounted. However, a small hole is drilled into the body to mount the bottom plate that the spring rests on. NOT SOLD SEPARATELY.


Stringing Instructions (links below)
1) Install string ball end with hole facing upward. This prevents breakage, especially of the high E string.
2) Insert clipped toothpick in ball end to hold the position while stringing.

Adjustment Instructions (see photo/links below)
1) Adjust arm string tension:
– Loosen bottom nut FIRST.
– Adjust swing tension with allen wrench on top.
– Lock-in adjustment by tightening bottom nut while holding allen wrench in place.

2) Adjust arm length and height:
– Loosen two set-screws.
– Adjust length and height.
– Tighten set-screws.