Please note:
– We recommend installation be performed by a professional technician.
– Tool for removing tailpiece inserts is available here.

1) Remove tailpiece inserts.

2) Slot inserts with file. Slot only half of diameter. Clean inserts with solvent, such as naptha.

3) Coat inserts with yellow wood glue, and re-install with hammer. Slots should face AWAY from neck.
If ground wire is present in hole, wipe away a small area of glue, to allow the ground wire to make contact with the insert.

4) Allow glue to dry for 24 HOURS.

5) Install roller bridge and Les Trem tailpiece. Use one washer underneath each side of the tailpiece.

6) Align spring plate on body. Mark location, and drill hole for mounting screw.

7) Mount spring plate with screw. Install spring. Use thin spring plate for 9 to 10 gauge string sets, use thick plate for heavier string sets.

8) See instructions for adjustment and stringing at our website.