JANUARY 21, 2013 - Monster Music and Reverend Guitars Team Up

[The following text is reprinted with the approval of Monster Music, of Levittown, NY. Hurricane Sandy hit their town this past fall. We were proud to help raise money for the area's relief efforts.]

Thursday night November 8th was a special night here at Monster Music. We held our annual Reverend Guitars Open House. This year it took on a different feel. Hurricane Sandy had ravaged our surrounding communities about 10 days prior, and most of our customers were still suffering without power. At the time, it was nearly impossible for anyone on Long Island to get a tank of gas. Ken Haas from Reverend and I gave thought to cancelling the event, but I really wanted to give people a chance to get their minds off of the devastation. We also decided that we would build in a charitable component, so Monster Music and Reverend together donated a brand new Manta Ray 290 to be raffled off at the event to help the local outreach at St. Bernard’s (They are our next door neighbors whose food pantry feeds more than 150 local families in need each week). Everyone lined up to buy their raffle tickets and settled in for a great night of music and fun.

The idea of the Open House is that we want our customers to get their hands on the Reverends. They are guitars that when you see and touch, you buy! Everyone was encouraged to take down a guitar and play, and Ken Haas, the Reverend General Manager, was here, so there was no question that our customers couldn't get answered.

Those that attended they were treated to the incredible virtuosity of Gil Parris, who played his signature model Reverend guitar to perfection. More than anything it proved a good distraction for all of us, where we could take our minds for a moment off of power outages, flooded homes, and gas shortages. Our raffle ended up generating more than $750 in cash for the St. Bernard’s outreach and we collected more than 100 pounds of food for their pantry. Great work everyone!

Johnny Cola had the lucky ticket and immediately put his new Manta Ray to use at an open Jam later that night.

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JANUARY 21, 2013 - Reverend Stu D. Baker is Here!

Take the costume and the blackened eyebrows away from Unknown Hinson, and you have Stuart D. Baker – a monster player without the monster act. Reverend Guitars took the bats and sideburns off of the Unknown Hinson Signature Model, took it out of the Coffin case, and came up the Stu D. Baker! The semi-hollow guitar ranges from Country Twang to Classic Rock Ten percent smaller than our regular Club King, the Stu D. Baker has a full-length center block, a 24 3/4” scale neck, two Reverend CP90 pickups, and the classic Reverend Bass Contour. The result is a thicker tone, more aggressive attack, and increased clarity – a guitar that’s perfect for some serious playing. Midnight Black and a maple neck complete the model. Like all Reverends, the Stu D. Baker has a Korina body for consistency and clarity, pin-lock tuners, and the exclusive Reverend Bass Contour, which adjusts the low frequencies in the same way that the tone control adjusts the highs.

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JANUARY 20, 2013 - Ron Asheton Signature Model Proceeds go to Foundation

Reverend Guitars had the honor of working with Ron Asheton on his Reverend Signature Model. Based on our Volcano body, the guitar features three Reverend P-90s and a Rosewood Fretboard, and has that edgy rock tone that Asheton used to create a genre. He used it extensively on his world tours with The Stooges in the 2000s.

Always available in Rock Orange with a three lightning bolt logo on the front, and his signature on the back, Reverend Guitars is now offering it in Ice White for 2013. After he passed away in 2009, Reverend decided to send proceeds to The Ron Asheton Foundation, set up and maintained by his sister, Kathy Asheton. “We will assure that his legacy, both as a great artist and a passionate animal lover, lives on for years to come by continuing to provide aid and support to the two things he was most passionate about,” says the Foundation’s Mission Statement. Like all Reverends, the Ron Asheton Signature Model has a Korina body for consistency and clarity, pin-lock tuners, and the exclusive Reverend Bass Contour, which adjusts the low frequencies in the same way that the tone control adjusts the highs.

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