APRIL 25, 2014 - Longtime Reverend technician talks about why he loves his job

Ever wonder why the letters ZSG are on the back of your headstock? Well that's the final approval marking of Zack Green, Reverend set-up guru. Get the full story on Zack and why he does what he does here:

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APRIL 11, 2014 - Premier Guitar Rig Rundown with Pete Anderson

John Bohlinger from Premier Guitar met with award-winning guitarist/artist/producer Pete Anderson before his March 19th, 2014, gig at the Loveless Cafe in Nashville. In this video, Pete provided details on the genesis of his signature Reverend guitars and his no-amp, no-pedalboard rig.

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APRIL 9, 2014 - Koffin Kats to tour North America

Detroit-based trio, Koffin Kats, is set to tour North America, beginning April 18. The high-energy psychobilly act is known for their love of touring! Guitarist John Kay tours with a number of Reverends in his arsenal, including a Sensei RT and a Warhawk RT, but he is seen most often with his Reeves Gabrels Signature Spacehawk (as seen here). The tour begins in Toronto on April 18, criss-crosses across the US-Canada border a number of times, and ends in Long Beach, CA on June 8. For more details, please visit: >>

FEBRUARY 5, 2014 - Reverend Guitars launches several new models at NAMM 2014

Joe Naylor talks with Guitar World magazine about the latest releases in this video, live from the Reverend booth at NAMM 2014, Anaheim, CA.

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DECEMBER 19, 2013 - Tricky Gomez model announced as Reverend’s Limited Edition for 2013

Reverend has released the Tricky Gomez Limited Edition 2013, available in the following custom metal flake colors: Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, and Red. These collectible guitars are also individually hand-signed on the back of the headstock by Reverend founder Joe Naylor! There are only thirteen of each color being made, so if you want one, call your Reverend dealer now!

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