Can you give us a brief history of your playing career?
Started in high school. Played in a couple of bands and then in a band with Eddie and our original drummer in the 80’s called Thai Pink. That morphed into the Black Supersuckers which turned into the Supersuckers. We are celebrating 20 years together in November. Well over 3,000 shows logged all over the world and looking forward to the next 20!

What inspired you to start playing guitar?
A friend in 8th grade brought his guitar to school and played the riff to Rock Bottom by U.F.O. I was stunned. Then as a junior in high school I was really heavily into AD/DC (still am) and knew somehow I wanted to figure out how to play. I still have my worn out copy of Back In Black where i took the needle and dragged it across the turntable to start a song over to learn the riff. I almost have it figured out now.

What was your first electric guitar?
A Peavey T-15 with the Decade amp that came with it. Wish I still had it.

What are your top 5 favorite records?
Powerage – AD/DC
Exile On Main Street – Rolling Stones
Still Alive and Well – Johnny Winter
Fandango – ZZ Top
Evil – Howlin’ Wolf
And anything Steve Marriot has ever done
(all these change all the time but that is what my fingers put down today)

What was the proudest moment and/or performance of your playing career?
I would say backing up Willie Nelson on the Tonight Show and Recording with Steve Earle. Also making our new record which is going to be amazing and will surprise a lot of people.

How did you hear about Reverend?
My ex wife’s brother went to school with Joe Naylor. I met him a long time ago. I had then heard of the drivetrain pedal and liked it a lot. My original one was stolen long ago.

What Reverend guitar(s) are you using?
I am awaiting the Buckshot. I also use the Volcano.

What do you like about your Reverend guitar?
Quality and affordability. It is nice that a company is making instruments that pro players can use but kids just starting out can actually afford to buy and rock with.

What amps and pedals do you currently use?
I use a Satellite 36 Watt and a custom made Marshall 50 watt through 2 different 2×12 cabs. The Satellite is just the best el84 based amp I have ever had. Everyone must check them out. Pedals include a RMC Teese picture Wah, Analog Man King Of Tone, Sunface Fuzz and Comprosser, Lovepedal COT 50, MXR Phase 90 and Carbon Copy Delay and a BFD Tremolo. I use a Radial switcher and a Trailer Trash Board.

Do you have any unusual hobbies, skills, or pastimes you’d like to share with us?
I own a Coffee shop with my friend Pat Brown in Tacoma called Satellite Coffee Company. Go to www.satellitecoffeeco.com to check it out. I pull a mean espresso and am a total geek about coffee. I enjoy a little snowboarding as well.

Do you have any advice for up and coming players?
Be yourself for better or worse. Find your own sound. Borrow from the greats but make sure you find your own voice on the instrument and play from the gut. Phrasing is everything, perfection is boring!

Please tell us about any of your current projects, tours, cds, etc. we should know about:
We have a new record coming out hopefully in August called “Get It Together”. I am working on some songs for my own record as well (that might never get done). We are always on tour. Going out with The Reverend Horton Heat and Nashville Pussy in June for a month. beyond that is Canada, midwest and east coast and hopefully South America later this year.