Can you give us a brief history of your playing career?
I played with Martina McBride for 3 years. I’ve done stints with Tanya Tucker, Mindy McCready, & Linda Davis. Backed up on occasion Willie Nelson, Trace Atkins, John Berry, and many other artists. I’m in my 6th year playing guitar for Lee Ann Womack and keep busy in the downtime doing sessions in Nashville.

What inspired you to start playing guitar?
Eric Clapton looked like the coolest cat in the world.

What was your first electric guitar? 
An abused Teisco Del Ray

What are your top 5 favorite records?
Only 5? I’ll do my best.

The Beatles-Abbey Road
The Allman Brothers Band-Live at Fillmore EastMiles Davis-Kind Of Blue
Rodney Crowell-Fates Right Hand (My wife is singing on that album)
Ricky Skaggs-Highways & Heartaches

What was the proudest moment and/or performance of your playing career? 
I can’t say there is just one. Probably between the first time I did the Tonight Show or playing for the troops in Iraq. Recently I played the Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado which was very cool.

How did you hear about Reverend?
I’d seen a couple of guitar players playing Reverend and I thought they looked and sounded hip.

What Reverend guitar(s) are you using? 
Cream Warhawk HB

What do you like about your Reverend guitar? 
There is nothing I don’t like. The Bass Contour Control is probably my favorite feature. Of course the guitar plays and looks great as well. I wish I had one for every day of the week.

What amps and pedals do you currently use? 
Mostly I use a Fender Super Reverb, Twin Reverb, or Deluxe Reverb. I’ve got a Top Hat Super Deluxe and a ’59 Gibson that are great. Steve from SD Vintage is building me a version of the 18 Watt Marshall Head which I can’t wait to get. I’m not a huge “Pedal Nut” although I keep a Tube Screamer, Rat, Buddah Wah, RC Booster, Boss Tremolo, and a Keeley compressor handy at all times.

Do you have any unusual hobbies, skills, or pastimes you’d like to share with us? 
I can contort my body into the shape of a Calzone being eaten by Chuck Norris……Just kidding. I like to do a little fishing when I have a day off.

Do you have any advice for up and coming players? 
I’m going to have to plagiarize the best advice I’ve ever gotten. I read an old Guitar Player Magazine interview with Joe Walsh when I was a kid and his quote “Learn How To Fix Your Own Shit” has served me well over the years.

Please tell us about any of your current projects, tours, cds, etc. we should know about: 
I’m still touring with Lee Ann Womack on a regular basis. She’s great to work for and lets the band play the way we feel…..Lots of freedom. I also just produced an album on my wife Marcia Ramirez called “Life Goes On” that was a blast.