Reverend Guitars
Reverend guitars are built in South Korea by Mirr Music Co. This company is owned by Hank Cho, a third generation guitar builder who’s attention to detail, high quality control, and ability to correctly produce our unique designs (as opposed to the same old ‘knock-offs’) made Mirr a perfect partner for Reverend. These guitars are top-notch in every way… the wood is properly cured, the neck pockets are tight, the frets are polished, the fit and finish are first rate, and the components are high quality.

Every guitar model is designed by award-winning luthier and Reverend founder Joe Naylor. All components, woods, dimensions and materials have been specified by Joe for maximum performance and serviceability.

Our goal is not to build the cheapest Korean guitar, but rather to raise the bar for performance. It costs a little more to do that, but we think players will appreciate a pro level guitar that is gig ready ‘right out of the box’.

Reverend Pickups
We could have used standard issue pickups, but we wanted these guitars to be a cut above the rest. All guitars use proprietory Reverend pickups designed by Joe Naylor. Each pickup is wound differently for each position… bridge pickups are slightly hotter, and neck (and middle) pickups are cleaner. The result is perfectly balanced output and tone.

Inspected and Set-up by Reverend
All guitars are inspected, strung, adjusted and play-tested in our Detroit area shop, by a small crew with years of experience.

The Reverend Neck
The medium C profile and slightly rolled edges are comfortable like a vintage neck. And the medium-flat 12″ radius fingerboard and medium-jumbo frets allow you to fret easy and bend without worrying about the note choking out. It’s no wonder players rave about the feel of Reverend necks!

We also use a Dual Action Truss Rod in all our necks. This feature is commonly found on high-end and custom guitars. A standard truss rod only adjusts in one direction — when tightened it pulls the neck into backbow, when loosened it relies on string tension and neck shape to produce forward bow. Our dual action rod adjusts in both directions, pulling the neck into backbow or pushing it into forward bow. This assures correct adjustment range is possible regardless of string tension, extreme climate conditions, or change of neck shape due to long term aging and/or extreme conditions.

Other Features
Bass Contour Control – custom designed, passive bass reduction control allows you to re-voice the pickups. Roll back just a little to tighten up the low end. Or roll back further for a cleaner, percussive sound. Makes a humbucker sound like a single-coil, or gives P-90’s that classic California twang. Variable pickup voicing at your fingertips!

Tone Preserving Volume Control – does not lose treble when turned down.

Custom Tone Control – trims off only the highest frequencies without severly cutting volume.

Graphite Nut – low friction for better tuning stability.

Low Friction String Trees (Bolt-On Series) – low string resistance for better tuning stability.

Reverend Pin-Lock Tuners – Feature a thumbwheel underneath that pushes a steel pin upwards through the post, locking the string in place. These are exceptionally smooth, high gear ratio tuners with exceptional tuning stability. And the thumbwheels are removable, so you can service/lube the gear and pin if need be. Also, the post is non-tapered, yielding a larger diameter to wrap around, which reduces string breakage. Not available separately.