Reverend Stu D. Baker is Here

Take the costume and the blackened eyebrows away from Unknown Hinson, and you have Stuart D. Baker – a monster player without the monster act. Reverend Guitars took the bats and sideburns off of the Unknown Hinson Signature Model, took it out of the Coffin case, and came up the Stu D. Baker! The semi-hollow guitar ranges from Country Twang to Classic Rock

Ten percent smaller than our regular Club King, the Stu D. Baker has a full-length center block, a 24 3/4” scale neck, two Reverend CP90 pickups, and the classic Reverend Bass Contour. The result is a thicker tone, more aggressive attack, and increased clarity – a guitar that’s perfect for some serious playing. Midnight Black and a maple neck complete the model.

Like all Reverends, the Stu D. Baker has a Korina body for consistency and clarity, pin-lock tuners, and the exclusive Reverend Bass Contour, which adjusts the low frequencies in the same way that the tone control adjusts the highs.

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